Freelancing is Tough

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I lost my job of 9 years on May 8, 2014.

I am now a full-time freelance animator.

How did I get here?
I ask myself that quite a bit. Somedays I have a few answers and feel confident that I’m on the right track. Other days not so much. Right after college I spent a lot of time in the wrong career field. I left MTSU with a degree in Digital Animation, but went to work in the IT field. I’m really not sure why other than the potential to make money. At first I was pretty good at fixing computers and learning what I needed to to succeed.

Somewhere along the way I woke up.
I realized that I didn’t enjoy working with computers and really didn’t even understand what I was doing most of the time.
That’s a hard realization after doing something for 8 years but it was the truth.

I was able to succeed for so long because of two things. I am a great problem solver. No matter the problem I would find a way to fix it. Sometimes that meant I made a huge mess and broke other things before the problem was solved but in the end I fixed the damn thing. The other reason I was able to succeed was because of a great leader and other teammates. I worked for a guy who was incredibly knowledgeable in the tech world. He and I worked together on many many projects. I am sure he did 99% of the work, but he never made me feel bad about it. He’s a super humble guy and someone I respect deeply.

I eventually understood that I had to change careers. Fortunately the company I worked for had a video department and I was able to move into that department after about 2 years of working hard to create a position for myself. During that 2 years I started freelancing on the side to build my portfolio. I learned more in that 2 years than I did in all my years of school (not hard to imagine).

I worked in the video department for a little over a year and shit got crazy and I lost my job. I’m not going into that story here. It’s a mess and fairly painful. I was ready to leave the company but wasn’t financially ready to take the leap. Maybe I just needed a push but I have to be honest… that was a hard fucking push.

After talking with my wife and really looking at our dreams we decided that I would try to freelance full-time. So here I am. Trying my damnedest to find work. It’s not easy. Not easy at all.

Our dream / goal is to travel as a family and move somewhere tropical. Right now it seems so far off because I do not have the client base to support us yet. It’s very frustrating but I am confident I can make it happen.

So, that’s how I got here… that’s where I am.

I’ll be posting short thoughts about my struggle to be a full-time freelancer… and when it happens I’ll post about my successes. Eventually you’ll see pictures from some beach because I refuse to fail.  I will make our dream happen one way or another.


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