Pajama day every day!

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Pajama day every day!

I’ve seen the jokes about freelancers spending most of the day in their underwear or pajamas. I always loved that idea. When I started freelancing it began to occur to me that this was more than just a joke.

I recently realized that most days I’m still in my lounge clothes until  noon. I change then only because I go to the gym around that time and they frown upon working out in underwear.  Some days I get up very early and run with a group of friends but even those days I change back into my PJ’s when I get home.

I have to wonder what goes through my neighbor’s head when they come home for their lunch break and see me walking my dog…still in PJ’s and sporting epic bed-head. Most of them know I’ve been up for hours because they saw me walking the dog when they left for work that morning. They know I just haven’t attempted to get dressed.

Is it gross? Maybe. Do I care? Not even a little. I can be just as much a productive member of society in my underwear as anyone else can in their suits or whatever people wear to work.

There are days that I take a shower early and put on regular clothes. Those are great days for going out to find new clients. It seems to work out better when I’ve bathed and put on decent clothing, but maybe I’ll try it in my PJ’s one day to see if people appreciate my laid back and comfortable style.

I’ll let you know how that works out.


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