To Hell with Comfort Zones

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There’s a side to freelancing that I had not thought about before I jumped in. I don’t know where I thought clients would come from but it’s not thin air. Did I think the gods of motions graphics would bless me with clients? Maybe. I have been called an eternal optimist and that can get me into trouble from time to time.

So yesterday I went out to do the hard work. I looked up a few branding agencies in the area and sent them an email telling them about myself and then showed up at their door. At first I thought this seemed like a real douche’ move, but how else am I going to show them I’m eager to work with them? I didn’t take up a ton of time. I simply told them who I was and handed them a business card. Some people didn’t have a lot to say and maybe I was disturbing them, but some took a bit of time to talk to me. They told me more about their business and allowed me to tell them about myself and how I can help them.

I felt productive. I felt like I had taken a step in the right direction.

When I got home I started working on some personal projects and I had energy for it. That energy came from what I would consider a success. I was successful yesterday because I stretched myself. I did something I considered to be hard. I have to believe it will pay off.

So now I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Nashville with a few other creative people. None of them work in motion graphics but that doesn’t matter. We are networking. When the guy who does print design meets a client who is looking for some motion graphics who’s name will come up?

Mine, I hope.

It seems that this may have a life application as well. Probably something about comfort zones and the danger of getting stuck. Well I can tell you I refuse to get stuck. I said long ago that I wanted to work for myself and have freedom to do what I want and damn it that’s what I’m gonna do. There will be no comfort zones that I won’t break out of.

So how do you get new clients? I’m all ears.


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